Fire Bricks

Vermiculite FireBricks , we use the best heat resistant bricks on the market.  this process involves mixing exfoliated vermiculite with inorganic bonding agents such as sodium silicate and potassium to produce an 'earth damp' mixture. This material is then hydraulically pressed into shape in a mould, and then heat cured at temperatures up to 180 °C for up to 24 hours depending upon the thickness of the moulded part. Such parts can withstand service temperatures of up to 1150 °C and are often used in the aluminium smelting industry as back-up insulation behind the carbon cathode in the potcells which contain the molten mixture of cryolite and alumina. The moulded shapes and boards are used in:

Open fire places

High-temperature or refractory insulation

Acoustic panels

Fireproofing of structural steel and pipes

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