Robax Glass

This material is truly a clear glass-ceramic. ROBAX® glass-ceramic includes a thermal endurance much more than traditional tempered glass. Tempered glass is mostly restricted to applications that don't exceed 500F. However, ROBAX® is meant for temperatures starting from minus 400F. to and 1400F.

Glass-ceramic was invented in the Nineteen Sixties. Its thermal endurance and stability make it ideal for several products: from stove tops and kitchen cookware, to missile nose cones and scope mirror substrates. clear glass-ceramic, introduced in Nineteen Seventies, is way tougher and more costly to create than normal glass. As a result, it has a different look as well as color, surface texture, and a few little bubbles or inclusions that are natural to its composition and haven't any reflection on its strength or performance.

Because of its special composition and process this distinctive material will face up to a quench into icy drinking water from freezing temperatures. With ROBAX® Glass-Ceramic windows in your stove or fire, you'll be able to enjoy the flames with the reassurance the window has been designed with a superior margin of safety for your home and your family.

This is a wonderful replacement in most applications for any of the subsequent glasses - PYREX®, BOROFLOAT® , TEMPAX® , VYCOR® , PYROCERAM® , and NEOCERAM® . Quite merely the most effective glass for the job !